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It's a family business

Several years ago, Gabriel Trudel and Taylor Staniforth shared their dream of owning their own excavation company with their stepfather. From that moment on, Claude helped them in the search of a company that would give the young men a most rewarding and stimulating career. From this search, TSC Waterproofing is born.

Gabriel has extensive experience in mini-excavation — both residential and commercial — while Taylor has broad experience in residential construction, including a certification in Construction Carpentry-Advanced Housing. With their knowledge combined, this driven duo will help determine the best waterproofing solution for your needs.

They are able to advise their clients in order to optimize their experience. For them, attention to detail is very important and ensures that they offer unparalleled customer service!

Gabriel and Taylor are brothers-in-law, friends, but above all teammates who demonstrate exceptional teamwork. Young and dedicated, they will do everything to ensure the success of their business, and that starts with client satisfaction.

For customer-focused service, choose TSC Waterproofing: a successful team that combines both youth and wisdom!

Stabilization and foundation repair


Various signs will tell you that a structure’s foundation is experiencing problems. When a sinking-foundation problem occurs, here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

  • visible cracks forming on the inside or outside foundation walls
  • doors or windows getting stuck when you try to open and close them
  • cracks appearing on the basement concrete slab
  • chimney moving away from the house’s walls

Helical piles can be a great solution!

Our piles are easy to install under existing structures. While installing piles will not repair existing cracks, it will stabilize the structure to prevent additional sinkage or further damage. Engineered and made of galvanised steel, helical piles are known for their outstanding load-bearing performance.

Our affiliation with Pro Post Foundations makes us experts in the matter.


Foundations are the base of your home. It is imperative not to let anything ruin its integrity. Our expertise and the variety of affordable waterproofing products we offer make us leaders in our field.

Here’s a glance at some of the steps we follow to ensure proper foundation repair and client satisfaction:

  • First, meeting with our client to visit the site and to identify the appropriate type of work required based on our observations and visible damage.
  • Excavating around the foundation to further inspect the damage to be repaired.
  • Washing the foundation to expose all cracks and to start working on a clean surface.
  • Replacing the French drain to ensure it functions properly.
  • Repairing of all cracks in the foundation, using rebar when needed or epoxy.
  • Installing a waterproofing membrane (many options available).
  • Backfilling the excavated area with the proper filling to avoid further foundation wall damage.
  • Cleaning the premises before leaving.


We offer a variety of waterproofing products. We have our new product Rub-R-Wall as well as tar and membrane and peel and stick. Based on your needs, our professional can let you know what product would better suit your needs for your foundation repair! 



Tar and membrane

Peel and stick membrane

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